Local Historical Articles

Here are some articles I’ve written for the CN&R relating to the history of Northern California, specifically Butte County.

History in jeopardy

  • Chico locals decry the forthcoming state park closures and call on legislators to save the iconic home of California pioneer John Bidwell.
  • Student interns put concrete knowledge to the test in repairing historic structure

Demystifying a legend

  • Local historian rattles a skeleton in John Bidwell’s closet—the Indian Treaty of 1851

Modern Monster?

  • Chico Heritage Association speaks out about construction of a four-story parking structure amidst century-old houses.

Stone by stone, grape by grape

  • The monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux bless this year’s grape harvest and look to completion of the ancient chapter house at their Vina monastery.

Uncovering the past

  • Chico State class uses rephotography to tell the story of our past through the present

About tashtr3

Currently, I'm a Marketing Specialist/Social Media Coordinator for the University of California's department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. I'm a freelance writer in my spare time. I'm a graduate of CSU, Chico with a major in journalism and a minor in photographic studies. I'm all these things, and more!
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