Marketing Specialist & Social Media Coordinator

Currently, I am the Social Media Coordinator and Marketing Specialist for the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources department, where I lead the Social Media Outreach Division of the Strategic Communications Team, as well as assist in the marketing efforts of UCANR’s catalog of agricultural, gardening and integrated pest management publications. I’m responsible for educating and mentoring leadership and staff on social media best practices throughout UCANR’s entire statewide system. I continue to consistently grow UCANR’s international social media following on Twitter and Facebook, which have nearly doubled since the time of my employment. 


Since May of 2015, I have taken on the dual role as Social Media Coordinator and Marketing Specialist 3, essentially maintaining two titles in two departments. I was hired initially as the Marketing Specialist in the January of 2015 and in five months I proved myself useful and skilled enough to be given more responsibility in a completely different realm of work and a seat on the Strategic Communications Team. I have demonstrated a knack for creative and out-of-the-box thinking on several occasions, and in one year, I’ve already been awarded a UCANR STAR Award in “recognition to my outstanding contributions to the University of California, Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources,” along with a monetary bonus. 


Under the direction of the Strategic Communications Director and staff, I conduct social media activities on multiple platforms and monitor key social channels, including all UCANR blogs and identify potential material for social media posts. I have initiated a regular meeting of communicators within UCANR to further UCANR’s social media outreach goals. Every month I develop the UCANR-wide social media editorial calendar and share it with internal social media stakeholders and collaborators through Trello. I create and design original social media/marketing graphics using digital design software like Photoshop, InDesign and online editing services. I also conduct opportunistic monitoring of Google Alerts, HARO queries and news media stories related to UCANR’s mission and report back to the Strategic Communications Team for further outreach planning and development. I also submit monthly social media analytics reports and trends to the Strategic Communications Team for consideration on future social media tactics.

Under the direction of the Marketing Director, I assist the marketing and promotion of UCANR’s educational materials produced in the Communication Services and Information Technology (CSIT) product mix. I use multiple data tools to execute in-depth statistical analyses to inform and influence product strategy and development. I segment customers to identify growth opportunities and evaluate product performance. I also update UCANR’s online publication catalog with the addition of new products, deletion of out-of-print products and the promotion of featured products. Every month I use Constant Contact to send out publication sale emails to a large list of various customers. I develop marketing pieces for joint promotion of related products by writing copy, consulting on design and coordinating distribution/collateral materials for educational products. I attend conferences and seminars as a UCANR representative and conduct book sales. I also use multiple social media platforms to market UCANR’s publications as well.

This is just a handful of the things I do as the Marketing Specialist and Social Media Coordinator at the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources department. Take a look at my cover letter and resume to learn a little more about me. 


About tashtr3

Currently, I'm a Marketing Specialist/Social Media Coordinator for the University of California's department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. I'm a freelance writer in my spare time. I'm a graduate of CSU, Chico with a major in journalism and a minor in photographic studies. I'm all these things, and more!
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