UC ANR Social Media Toolkit and Public Awareness Campaign

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As a contributing member of the Strategic Communications Team for the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, I was in charge of creating a public awareness campaign using the UCANR social media accounts to promote a new promotional video explaining what UCANR is and what it does in California.

I created a social media toolkit for internal and external stakeholders to make use of, including pre-made social media posts with approved messaging and pre-made digital content optimized for social media sharing for UCANR and all of its sub-brands and programs. I designed all of the graphic images in the toolkit using photo editing software, along with approved logos, messaging, photos, color schemes, etc. All of the images were created within a three week time frame while completing other aspects of the campaign, along with other day-to-day work responsibilities.

I was also in charge of running paid advertisements on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the graphics I designed and the video trailers that were created by an outside vendor.

Much of the campaign’s conception, direction, design and implementation was my responsibility. If you’d like more details on how I did this, please inquire within. The campaign is still under way, so I do not have the final analytics on its performance, but I can tell you that it has already been a success!

Please take a look at the We Are UCANR campaign home page here: ucanr.edu/We_Are_UCANR. 

You can find the UCANR Social Media Toolkit with all of the above images and more here: ucanr.edu/About_ANR/We_are_UC_ANR/Social_Media_Toolkit/

The image below is a long infographic (that was broken up into four smaller infographics) that I created for the campaign. Enjoy learning all about UC ANR in one image!


All images are property of the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.



About tashtr3

Currently, I'm a Marketing Specialist/Social Media Coordinator for the University of California's department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. I'm a freelance writer in my spare time. I'm a graduate of CSU, Chico with a major in journalism and a minor in photographic studies. I'm all these things, and more!
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