Content Samples (One Page)

Here’s a brief overview of some of my content in my professional portfolio, along with links that go directly to the work itself (housed on this site). This document was more or less created with the intent of attaching to job applications or for recruiters. Just click on the image below. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.42.46 PM

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UC ANR Social Media Toolkit and Public Awareness Campaign

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As a contributing member of the Strategic Communications Team for the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, I was in charge of creating a public awareness campaign using the UCANR social media accounts to promote a new promotional video explaining what UCANR is and what it does in California.

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Examples of Email Marketing

Part of my job for the University of California’s Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources is marketing their digital and printed publications. You can see all of their publications here. Every month we offer sales on selected books and I create the emails in Constant Contact to go out to our different email lists, along with social media posts to our following. Along with the copy, I also created the original graphics. Click on the examples below to see some of my email marketing content (each links to a .pdf of the actual email). Some of them are special sales, like the one with the cave image was for an April Fool’s Day joke, but most of them were for general sales.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.34.58 AM

May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.32.57 AM

April 2017

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Amond vs Almond: a California Colloquialism in a Nutshell

Ever since I moved to Ripon when I was 13, I came into contact with people who called almonds “AHmonds,” without the L.

Countless arguments with friends rarely yielded any substantial reason for the specific pronunciation, other than the old almond grower’s joke “It’s an ‘almond’ in the tree and an ‘amond’ on the ground because it got the L shaken out of it!” Someone finally told me that the pronunciation was in the dictionary, so I went and found one (ready to call bullshit on them) and sure enough they were right. BOTH pronunciations were listed under the word “ALMOND.”

Then I moved to Chico for college and went to work as a student laborer at the Chico State Farm, which has about 70 acres of almonds, and I found out that they said “amond” up there too! My knack for history started kicking in and hypotheses started forming in my head.

A few years later I got a job working for the UC’s division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, which has a treasure trove of information on all things involving California’s hundreds of agricultural crops, including almonds.

So I figured, what the hell, I’ll see if I can solve the mystery in my spare time. I contacted some of UCANR’s almond advisors and interviewed them on their knowledge of where people say amond and almond in California. I built a survey and a website to house it, along with a backstory of my hypothesis (and other people have actually come to a similar conclusion as mine by the way), along with an interactive map with data points from the survey. So you can actually visualize where people say almond and amond in California. Super nerdy but this thing has been bugging me for over a decade now.

Almond Pronunciation Survey Results

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Chico State Farm

I came across this old edition of The Harvest, CSU Chico’s College of Agriculture Magazine, in my files a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d throw it on here. This issue from 2012 highlights the new additions to the Chico State Farm staff, including myself! It’s pretty cool my name is on the same page as Temple Grandin‘s too. Click the link below to read the whole magazine.


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This is a freelance article I wrote for the November/December issue of California Freemason Magazine, which goes to around 65,000 print subscribers and 114,000 digital subscribers. To see the online article, CLICK HERE!



For nearly 200 years, the Underground Railroad has been an elusive, almost mythical aspect of American history, shaping the way we view the cultural and sociopolitical landscapes of the American psyche during the 1800s. A key question continues to elude historians: How did such a large network of people help nearly 100,000 slaves gain freedom while still maintaining a secretive, almost clandestine, status? One fascinating insight may be found by studying some of the leading Prince Hall Masons in Boston during the pre-Civil War period through the post-Reconstruction era. As the sediment of time is gradually lifted from the artifacts of historical truth, researchers are rediscovering fundamental relationships between key conductors of the Underground Railroad and leaders of Prince Hall Freemasonry.

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Websites created for UCANR

Here are three websites and campaigns that I’ve created using UCANR’s in-house Sitebuilder tool.

Click on each image to view further!


How do YOU say almond website, surveying Californians on how they pronounce the word almond.


#UCANReach Campaign for 2016 Giving Tuesday Fundraiser


Pollen Nation Website for educating people of all ages on what pollinators are and what they do.

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