Sushi Burrito and Goose Island Beer

Here are two more articles I have written and posted on the Sacramento food/beverage blog known as I actually worked with a representative of Goose Island Beer Co. to secure the information for the final days of their Migration Week tour coming to Sacramento. The Sushi Burrito article was just a fun one that I’ve been wanting to write for some time now. Click on them both why don’tcha?!

Goose Island Screenshot Sushi Burrito King ScreenshotDisclaimer: all posted work is property of FleishmanHillard, Sacramento.


About tashtr3

Currently, I'm a Marketing Specialist/Social Media Coordinator for the University of California's department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. I'm a freelance writer in my spare time. I'm a graduate of CSU, Chico with a major in journalism and a minor in photographic studies. I'm all these things, and more!
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One Response to Sushi Burrito and Goose Island Beer

  1. Michele Shover says:

    Hi, Tyler, SO happy for you that you have a good job and grateful for your many contributions to Chico. I want to hire you to make discrete photos from segments of the Birdseye Map of 1871 and the 1888 map of Chico and Chico Vecino. I would like them sent by email to be saved in my file tor illustrate my A.H. Chapman biography that I’m about to go back to as one last round. Here is what I want:
    In Chico and Chico Vecino map: 1, Chico Water Works, 2. Bank of Butte County, 3. the Odd Fellows Temple, and 4.Chico High School.
    In Birdseye: 1. This should center on the 2 story building at the northwest corner of West 2d Street and Main. 2. On Main Street the block between 7tn and 8th Streets; between Main and Wall Streets. 3. South of Chico the segment that show “Chapman’s Addition: and below it the drawing of a house with various additions. If it shows Oroville Avenue and Humboldt, all the better.
    Please email the invoice with the work, if you can take this on.

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